Certus Semiconductor is a cooperative effort of several  world leading ESD design and consulting companies.  We are a one stop shop bringing together the expertise and IP of our many partners and offering them as a packaged ESD and IO solution.  Our partners offer silicon proven IP and solutions in the following processes.

Curious what processes we have worked in?  Or want to know if we may have an IP library in a process of interest to you, please view our Process Experience Table

Also, make certain to review our Public Datasheet Libraries

Certus's partners not only have a wide variety of IP, but with Certus you are guaranteed a service and support model equal to none.  We are not here simply to sell IP, rather we look at our customers as partners.  Our experts will work with you to integrate it, customize it if needed and optimize it for your products! 

With over 12 years Custom IO experience, 400+ Products, 60+ Customers and 30+ Processes, you can have confidence we can help your product stand out among the crowds!