Certus Semiconductor offers a wide variety of ESD and IO Products and Services, ranging from consulting , design, customization of 3rd party IP, or off-the-shelf IP.  We also offer the worlds first IO Template IP. 

Our Products include:

Standard IO libraries
Template IO libraries
Fully Customized IO libraries                                                                                                        Design of Analog RF-IOs                                                                                                                     ESD Libraries and IP                                                                                                                        Custom ESD Solutions

Public Datasheets

TSMC 16nm/12nm Custom IO and ESD Library: Multi-Voltage (1.8V, 3.3V and 5V)

     (Contact Us for 12nm and 16nm information).

TSMC 28nm PAD cell Footprints Available

TSMC 28nm Custom IO and ESD Library: Multi-Voltage (1.8V, 3.3V and 5V) 

TSMC 28nm 5V Open-Drain IO for HDMI and USB applications

TSMC 40nm: HDMI, LVDS, RF and Analog Pads, worlds smallest footprint cell

TSMC 180nm BCD Low Cap High Voltage ESD Protection

TSMC Processes: Exotic High Voltage ESD Protection

GF 65nm GPIO and LVDS Library (with RF and Analog)

GF 180nm BDC process GPIO and HV analog Library: inquire for details 

Our Full IP Catalog can be found here:


Do not see the Process you are interested in?  Check out our Process Experience Table to see if we have worked in your process of interest:

Process Experience Table 

We invite you to read our brochure for more information:

Certus ESD and IO IP Products Brochure