Certus Semiconductor offers a wide variety of ESD and IO Products and Services, ranging from consulting , design, customization of 3rd party IP, or off-the-shelf IP.  We also offer the worlds first IO Template IP. 

Our Products include:

Standard IO libraries
Template IO libraries
Fully Customized IO libraries                                                                                                        Design of Analog RF-IOs                                                                                                                     ESD Libraries and IP                                                                                                                        Custom ESD Solutions

Public Datasheets

TSMC 12nm and 16nm Custom IO and ESD Library (1.8V, 3.3V and 5V)

TSMC 28nm PAD cell Footprints Available

TSMC 28nm Custom IO and ESD Library: Multi-Voltage (1.8V, 3.3V and 5V) 

TSMC 28nm 5V Open-Drain IO for HDMI and USB applications

TSMC 40nm: HDMI, LVDS, RF and Analog Pads, worlds smallest footprint cell

TSMC 180nm BCD Low Cap High Voltage ESD Protection

TSMC Processes: Exotic High Voltage ESD Protection

GF 65nm GPIO and LVDS Library (with RF and Analog)

GF 180nm BDC process GPIO and HV analog Library: inquire for details 

Our Full IP Catalog can be found here:


Do not see the Process you are interested in?  Check out our Process Experience Table to see if we have worked in your process of interest:

Process Experience Table 

We invite you to read our brochure for more information:

Certus ESD and IO IP Products Brochure