Technology and IP Partners:  

PX SIlavco is an Industry leading EDA company and through the IP Core Store, and their Customer base have partnered with Certus to market and integrate Certus Semiconductor IO and ESD IP Technologies.

QPX is an industry leading ESD design and consulting firm for ESD protection/device development and ESD product IC integration. QPX offers
most advanced product-proven on-chip ESD designs solutions for modern CMOS,
high-voltage CMOS and BCD technologies.

 SRF Technologies: Excellence in IO and ESD Design

SRF Technologies is an Industry leading ESD design and Consulting Firm that provides some of the most aggressive and innovating ESD solutions in advanced CMOS for high-speed digital, MCM's, Analog and RF products, for much of the semiconductor industry.  
  IP Extreme: Constellations

Constellations is a community of independent semiconductor IP companies who collaborate at the sales level by sharing sales intelligence and market wisdom to provide a virtual world-wide sales footprint.
 Minotaur Labs: ESD Testing Services 

Minotaur Labs is now Certus Semiconductors preferred ESD Testing house.  Staffed by some of the same Legendary Test Engineers from the former White Mountain Labs, the test service and capability is world class.