Analog I/O

Get ESD Protection For An Analog Component

ESD circuits that offer ultra-low capacitance or extreme protection, and everything in between. We work with your team to pinpoint the exact amount of protection needed, limiting waste.

Ultra Low C

ESD for sensitive RF and high-speed SerDes applications. Minimizes impact on impedance matching and signal integrity

Features include:

  • Less than 50 fF solutions
  • Integration into RF networks
  • IO, ESD and Power clamps integrated into macro cells for impedance matching
  • GSG/GSPSG RF macro cells that include ESD
  • Tolerate signal swings below ground
  • >30 GHz RF and >112 Gbps solutions

Ultra ESD

Protection from extreme ESD

Ultra ESD circuits are capable of withstanding ESD stress far beyond standard HBM and CDM levels.

Features include:

  • 16kV HBM
  • 1000V CDM
  • Mil Spec
  • IEC 61000-4-2 system level ESD
  • IEC 61000-4-4 EMC burst immunity
  • Rad-Hard
  • High Temperature (200°C and above)
  • Charged Board Model
  • Cable Discharge Events

Ultra Volt

Protection from extreme voltages

UltraVolt protection circuits are capable of withstanding external voltages of 30V in a 1.8/3.3V standard CMOS process

Features include:

  • VPP and programming OverVoltage
  • High-Voltage MEMS and Analog interfaces
  • High dBm RF - wide-swing high voltage tolerance as high as 100Vppdiff.
  • UltraVolt technology includes custom high-voltage ESD in BCD processes
  • Tolerate signal swings below ground