Certus offers the following Contract Services

  • RF/Analog Circuit Characterization
    • PLLs, Amplifiers, Drivers, PHY Blocks
  • Liberty Timing Modeling
    • Large and complete.LIB timing models for IO’s and Standard Cell Libraries
  • IBIS Models for IO’s
  • Custom Standard Cell Libraries
    • IN many cases 1-off standard cell designs for integration into Foundry Libraries.
  • IO Library/Padring Integrated Oscillators, Voltage Regualtors and PLL’s
    • We have broad analog expertise.


Certus offers additional ESD & IP services through our professional affiliates:

  • Not every company has the I/O and ESD expertise to meet individualized requirements across a broad range of customers.  Certus and our partners have developed proprietary solutions to satisfy unique and often challenging client ESD needs in a timely yet affordable manner.
  • Our ESD expertise features:
    • Specialized low-capacitance radio-frequency and high-speed digital and analog solutions.
    • Footprints up to 20% smaller than foundry-sourced options.
    • High-voltage ESD solutions capable of 10V, 15V and even 20V using baseline CMOS technologies, enabling co-integration with conventional CMOS designs and keeping processing costs to a minimum.
    • HBM robustness exceeding 4KV and CDM up to 800V for most applications, including high-speed interfaces.
    • Custom solutions to address specialized ESD requirements beyond conventional standards.
  • Our ESD knowledge is not only built into our I/O & IP solutions, it is also offered as a separate service. From architectural reviews and design debug to IP co-design, Certus and our trusted partners are available to support all your ESD & foundation IP needs.

SRF Technologies

  • Architectural design & layout reviews
  • ESD consulting
  • ESD failure diagnostics
  • Expert witness


  • Standard cell libraries
  • IO libraries
  • Analog IP
  • Device modeling
  • CAD support