We Offer A Wide Variety Of Services

Certus has a Digital and Analog IP across many foundries and nodes. Our off-the-shelf database offers a starting point to affordably create the custom variations you need. We also provide full libraries, complete with Digital I/O, Analog protection, corners, fillers, and auxiliary cells.

Download Your Digital I/O PDF

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Digital I/O

Our specialty I/O circuit can meet many GPIO/ODIO standards including I2C, I3C, JEDEC CMOS, eMMc, LPDDR, SMBUS, DDC/CEC, ECL/GTL, RGMII, SPDIF and many others.

Analog I/O

Our Analog I/O solutions offer ultra-low capacitance, ultra ESD protection, and protection from extreme voltages. Minimizing impact on impedance and matching and signal integrity. Full libraries are also available.

RF/Analog IP

State of the art ultra-low power wireless front end technology including silicon proven RF IP, Full-Chip RF products, and next generation wireless IPs.

Specialty ESD

ESD protection that can meet your required specifications and capable of withstanding stress beyond standard HBM and CDM levels.