RF/Analog IP

Certus provides cutting-edge ultra-low power wireless front-end technology.

Silicon Proven RF IP



TSMC 65/40/22/14/7nM

GF 22/12nM

Custom LC and ADPLLs with frequencies up to 6GHz Output, Phase Noise <95dBc @100KHz, 1pS Jitter, Fractional and Integer-N
TSMC 40/7nM

GF 22nM

Full Chip Transceivers including Digital Control, PMU, RF, PLLs

LTE NB1, CatM1/2

Wifi 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6e, sub-GHz

GNSS, Zigbee

Full-Chip RF Products

LTE + Wifi + GPS Transceivers in 22nm GlobalFoundries: Full Characterized, Validated, Part of GlobalFoundries Catalog

PLL Specifications: Outputs 700MHz to 7.2GHz, PN -85dBc @ 100KHz (1.3pS), Frequency Calibration

RX Specifications: 2.5dB Noise Figure, 85dB Gain, 30dB Adjacent Channel Selectivity, ZeroIF

TX Specifications: 23dBm Pout, EVM -36dB @ 16dBm (w DPD), Outputs 700MHz to 7.2GHz

Next Gen Wireless IPs

First of their kind in the industry

802.11ax 2x2 | 1x1 (Available Q4 2021)
1024 QAM, 160MHz Channels
Ultralow latency response
Integrated TX @ 22dBm, Ultralow power RX

Custom IoT-Pilot (Available Q4 2021)
On-demand low-latency remote activation for any IoT IC while in standby (<0.4uA current)
Indoor instantaneous tracking

77GHz V2X Radar (Available Q1 2022)
77GHz Transceiver w TX Pout = 10dBm, RX NF = 8.5dB, 3GHz Channel