TDK InvenSense

Analog Design Manager, TDK InvenSense

Stephen & and the Certus Team [sic] are highly recommended.

We engaged with Stephen for (1) IO ESD expertise (2) to serve as an independent reviewer and (3) ~MHz IO designs. Stephen's knowledge ESD designs is commendable. With his help, we were able to interpret TLP data correctly (multi-finger turn-on mechanisms) and discover weaknesses evident in the TLP curves but absent from internal reviews (insufficient NWELL contacts, e.g.)

On #1, #2: Stephen is always accessible for short/long discussions on any ESD-related topics. Our team appreciated his candor and always felt satisfied with the deep technical discussions (FA analysis, thermal runaways). We also appreciated his proposals on fixes.

On #3: For our last project, we worked with Certus Semiconductor for our IOs. Silicon shows IOs are working per expectation and based on TLP, we have excellent ESD robustness and margins.

Thanks Stephen for your support and I look forward to our next engagement.

Pruthvi Chaudri
Analog Design Manager, TDK InvenSense